Yoga poses are meant to be explorations...a path of inner listen deeply inside to our own authentic way of    moving, breathing and living.    - Angela Farmer

                        63rd  Street Yoga Studio

               A place to explore your authentic self

     Inner Flow Yoga               


                   Kerry Temple-Wood, CYI

               Wed ~  9 am to 10:30am         
              Sat ~ 9:30 am to 11:00am                       Private yoga classes by appointment    


I started my personal Yoga practice at 14,  4 decades later this lifelong exploration  and study has evolved into a more fluid approach to my practice and teaching.    That dynamic journey  I call   'Inner Flow Yoga',  a round,  curvy,  dynamic unfolding of the body's  authentic expression and wholeness.  Inner Flow Yoga explores the wisdom of the physical and emotional rhythms thru attention to the breath, body and movement.     

'Asanas are a journey through the physical body to explore the inner dimensions of my Self.  A journey of empowerment, investigation and dynamic unfolding.'           -Kerry Temple-Wood                                            

Inner Flow Yoga benefits are....

*Increased trust and ability to listen to your body's inner guidance

*Ease of some menopausal symptoms

*Ability to stay more present and grounded in your life

*Increased concentration and inner confidence

I invite you to join me on this journey.  Thank you & Namaste.                                                ~~~~~~~~

"Kerry provides a true moment of sanity in a world that pulls us in so many directions, and opportunity is shared to focus, center and quiet our minds our spirit and soul."  

"Kerry brings a lot of integrity, heart and a gentle spirit to her practice.  I have gotten stronger and healthier while taking her class".

"I always feel more balanced and centered after Kerry's classes. My body appreciates the yoga very much." 

"As an older woman with little yoga experience, I have found Kerry's classes very helpful with gentle instructions and reminders of where to focus and open, how to follow the breath, the inner core.  I feel more open and peaceful within after each session."

**I am so very grateful to my many teachers on this life long journey, in particular T.Sri Krishnamacharya,  BKS Iyengar,  Angela Farmer,  and Marie Paulyn. Your influences are profound, and I am thankful.**