The Art of Business and Business of Art
A mini-MBA in managing yourself (or others) as an independent artist

Are you a creative person trying to make a living from your art or creativity? The interface between art and business is not always easy. Whether you are a writer, graphic artist, musician, performance artist, jewelry maker or other creative type, grappling with the complexities of business management can be daunting and discouraging.

 This seminar is both a mini-course on business fundamentals and a support group for people to share and learn about manifesting their creative vision. We will discuss the key functions of business: marketing & promotion, legal & accounting, production management and basic economics. Then, drawing on the tools of Mission, Vision and Strategy, each participant will develop a business plan that integrates these functions around their career. The classes will be didactic and participatory with lots of group discussion and interactive learning.

 The interface of business and art in our culture is the contemporary nexus of yin and yang. Art, in its purist form, is inner creativity – the deep inner yin. As artists we extract images, sounds, stories, movements and designs from our collective unconscious.

 Business, on the other hand, is the yang manifest as outer reality that moves in uncontrollable tides of money, economics, fads, styles, tastes and the forces of supply and demand. In this forum we will develop “Skillful Means” to learn to balance these dynamic forces.

 Free introductory session: Thu March 5, 2015      7pm
The Integral Center,  2805 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80304

Then 8 weekly 2.5 hr meetings// $140 for full series (half price for IC members)
8 Sessions:  Thursdays:  March 12 thru April 30,   7pm to 9:30pm
PLEASE NOTE:  All sessions meet at The Integral Center.

Seminar Presenter:  Paul Temple
Paul has a BA in music, an MBA in finance and has been in the music business for over 20 years doing artist management, concert production, international tour booking and running finances and contracts for a record label. He taught economics at Front Range Community College, led executive leadership programs at Esalen and facilitated strategic planning programs for a number of large, non-profit organizations. He still plays and performs as a musician.

For more information contact Paul Temple // 303-516-1004