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Sunday, August 13, 6pm — 8pm


A Sunday Sunset Concert at Double Rainbow Ranch

The collective heart of these world-class musicians invites you into a rich and colorful symposium of musical traditions: flamenco, classical and jazz woven with North African rhythms, Celtic whimsy and Brazilian expressions for a sound that is transformative, vibrant and deeply emotive.

 This music is full of timeless beauty
so you feel it has always been alive  inside you.

~ Gerald Laurence, Immedia Wire Service

As a maker of music described by Guitar Player Magazine as “mesmerizing”, Miguel Espinoza has recorded and performed with Bela Fleck, Kai Eckhardt, Kitaro, Tuck & Patti, Rita Moreno, Ben Vareen and many others.  His band, Miguel Espinoza Fusion, is the 2019 winner of Denver Westword’s Best of World Music.  Their albums, Turtle Dreams and Veneta, won Indie Acoustic Project awards and ranked #9 on the Top 200 World Music Albums of 2022.   www.MiguelEspinozaFusion.com

Miguel Espinoza Fusion is world class music that explodes
the parameters of style, yet remains ever close to the heart.”

~ David Balakrishnan, founder of grammy-winning Turtle Island Quartet

♦   Picnic on the lawn to beautiful mountain sunset
♦   No pets please
♦   If the weather is not amenable to setting up on the outdoor stage, we will move the music to the Yoga Barn with speakers outside if people want to sit out and watch the sunset.

Gate Opens:  5:30 pm / Tix: $20

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