Upcoming  Events  at  The

Double  Rainbow  Ranch

Friday Oct 27,  6:30pm — 8pm

With Paul & Kerry Temple-Wood
At Double Rainbow Ranch

At this time of the full moon we will gather in a simple but ancient way around the fire to sing, drum, dance and offer prayers. In the Cherokee ceremonial tradition that Paul & Kerry studied in, fire is the element of purification, transformation and the heart. Being in ceremony with the fire is a powerful way to connect with spirit, the elements and the ancient rhythms of creation. Prayers offered into the fire have strong activation.

  • Please arrive on time to respect the ceremonial container
  • Please let us know if you plan to attend so we have a sense of numbers
  • Donations are welcome but not required
  • No pets please
  • Bring hand drums & shakers
  • Weather Note: If it chilly (as forecast) we will proceed with the ceremony, perhaps in abbreviated form (drums don’t do well in the cold) – so dress warmly. It is rainy or snowy, we will not gather.



Double Rainbow Ranch, 6541 N63rd St, Niwot, CO 80503

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Namaste,  Paul & Kerry

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